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Gutzwiller TWO (USD) - Alternative Fund of Funds

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The investment objective of Gutzwiller TWO is to achieve a long-term capital gain by investing in target funds that pursue the alternative "event-driven" investment strategy. The success of the underlying target funds depends on the occurrence of certain events. Gutzwiller TWO shows only a slight correlation to share indices.

Track Record


The investment approach is conservative; the team actively combines merger arbitrage, distressed securities and special situations. As the performance of these underlying strategies depends on the realisation of a specific event, they are not considered to be at market risk.

Gutzwiller TWO, as a fund of funds, offers access to selected funds in each class, including funds that are not commonly available to investors. These Fund managers offer more than 20 of years experience in the event-driven space.

Fund features

  • Event-driven technique is fairly conservative
  • Not at market risk but realization of a specific event
  • Access to promising target funds of the investment styles
  • Low volatility
  • Low leverage
  • Long track record
  • Many years of experience of the fund managers in the area of merger arbitrage


  • ISIN CH0013139156
  • Subscription: Monthly
  • Redemption: Monthly, currently no fee
  • First minimum investment: USD 10'000
  • Accumulating
  • Audit: Ernst & Young AG, Basel

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