Gutzwiller Two EP USD


Gutzwiller TWO (USD) - Alternative Fund of Funds

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Investment objective

To provide the fundamental investment objective of the fund is significant long-term capital appreciation by investing in event-driven hedge funds.
As performance of the underlying hedge funds depends on the realization of a specific event, Gutzwiller TWO seeks performance with a low correlation to stock indices.

Track Record

Investment Strategies

To achieve the fund's investment objectives, the team actively combines Merger Arbitrage, Distressed Securities, and Special Situations.
Gutzwiller TWO, as a fund of funds, offers access to selected funds in each class, including funds that are not commonly available to investors. Fund managers offer more than 20 years experience in the event-driven space.
The investment policy pursues the principle of risk diversification and aims to achieve a long term out-performance relative to the "US Treasury Notes and bonds 0-1Year" combined with the S&P 500 Index.

Fund features

  • Event driven technique is fairly conservative
  • Not at market risk but realization of a specific event
  • Access to selected fund manager in each class
  • Low volatility
  • Low leverage
  • Long track record
  • Manager has a solid arbitrage experience


  • ISIN (USD) CH0013139156
  • Subscription: Quarterly / Monthly (upon request)
  • Redemption: Monthly, no fee
  • First minimum investment: USD 10'000
  • Accumulation
  • Audit: Ernst & Young AG, Basel

* Exclusive Potential Subscriptions Fees