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Gutzwiller ONE is an actively managed equity fund, that mainly invests in US stocks. The objective of the fund is to provide long-term, real capital growth for investors.

Track Record


The investment strategy of the fund is based on a fundamental value-oriented stock picking methodology that targets stocks that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic worth.

The fund employs bottom-up fundamental analysis to select the stocks with techniques such as company interviews, analysis of the annual reports, competitor analysis and valuation modelling of the companies.

The fund targets undervalued stocks that are trading for less than what the company is determined to be worth. This difference between the stock price and the valuation of the company is then adjusted for the risk within the company, which is assessed through fundamental analysis of each stock. This analysis is designed to cover three major groups of company risk, which are, the business model and its competitive advantage, the talent and track record of the management, and the industry trends such as the underlying growth of the industry and the volatility of that growth. The analysis produces a number score and the stocks that score best are selected for investment by the fund as these are deemed to be the best opportunities.

The fund’s investment strategy is to diversify across sectors. The fund invests regardless of the size of the respective companies, but the aim is to ensure a broad spread of capitalisation, with a slight overweighting of highly capitalised companies. The fund invests at least 80% of its assets in securities listed in the United States.

Fund features

  • Core equities fund aimed at providing capital growth and income for investors
  • No mixing of investment styles
  • Multi-cap portfolio
  • Focused portfolio of equities, diversified across sectors
  • Investments in companies whose management improves shareholder value, has a rising/high cash flow and makes sensible investments in the future
  • Suitable for investors seeking capital growth over long-term investment horizon (investment horizon of at least 5 years)



  • ISIN CH0012453558
  • Subscriptions and redemptions: daily
  • No minimum investment
  • No redemption fees
  • Accumulating
  • Audit: Ernst & Young AG, Basel

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