EG Bond E


EG CHF Bond Fund (CHF) - Swiss Bond Fund
QIF - Qualified Investor Fund

Last Price CHF 102.90*

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The primary investment objective of the fund, considering the effect of inflation, is the preservation of principal. The secondary objective is to provide investors, in the long-term, with an attractive surplus return compared to Swiss government bonds.

Track record


The Gutzwiller CHF Bond Fund invests predominantly (>90%) in bonds denominated in Swiss francs. Any currency risks vs. Swiss Francs are hedged. The acceptable rating quality of the underlying bonds ranges from AAA to at least BB-, with the below-investment grade component being limited to 20%. Furthermore, the average duration of the fund shall not exceed 5 year. The broad diversification over countries, sectors and maturities reduces risks compared to single-line investments significantly.

Fund features

  • Directional Exposure to the Swiss Franc corporate bonds universe
  • Average rating is Investment Grade
  • Average duration below 5 years
  • No currency risk


  • Only for qualified investors
  • ISIN (CHF) CH0443337024
  • No minimum investment
  • No redemption fees
  • Subcription: Bi-monthly
  • Accumulation
  • Audit: Ernst & Young AG, Basel

* Exclusive Potential Subscriptions Fees