EG Bond E


EG CHF Bond Fund (CHF) - Swiss Bond Fund
QIF - Qualified Investor Fund

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The fund's primary investment objective is to preserve the invested capital. The secondary objective is to achieve an attractive excess return over risk-free Swiss government bonds over the long term.

Track record


The EG CHF Bond Fund invests predominantly (>90%) in bonds denominated in Swiss francs. Currency risks against the Swiss franc are always hedged. The fund generally invests in bonds with a rating of AAA to BB-. Bonds below investment grade (high yield) are limited to 25%. Care is taken to ensure that the average duration does not exceed 5 years. The broad diversification of bonds across countries, sectors and maturities significantly reduces the risk compared to a single direct investment.

Fund features

  • Exposure to corporate bonds denominated in Swiss francs
  • Average rating is Investment Grade
  • Average duration below 5 years
  • No currency risk


  • Only for qualified investors
  • ISIN CH0443337024
  • Subscriptions and redemptions: daily
  • No minimum investment
  • No redemption fees
  • Accumulating
  • Audit: Ernst & Young AG, Basel

* Exclusive Potential Subscriptions Fees